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Hair Loss Solutions

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Hairloss, of course, is no laughing matter - as Bugs would have us believe - and we use only solutions that are proven to work.

Hair loss solutions can be devided into 3 main categories: non-surgical hair replacement systems, surgical hair restoration, and hair loss treatments.

Non-Sugical Hair Replacement Systems

These systems and methods are known by many different names. At Freedom, we use the most advanced and proven methods and provide the largest variety and choice available - and all this at very reasonable prices. This is important because people have different needs and requirements when dealing with hair loss, and what's right for you may not be right for the next person. For more information on these methods, please see Non-surgical.

Surgical Hair Restoration

Properly called "hair transplants", surgical hair transplantation as practised by the Seager Medical Group can give you a permanent solution to hairloss in as little as one treatment. It is a simple out-patient procedure that when done properly, will look 100% natural. Freedom offers value added services such as our exclusive Microscopic Follicular Enumeration (MFE), which can measure the number of grafts and hairs you will receive as accurately as 98%. Exactly how these procedures work can be found on our surgical page.

Hair Loss and Regrowth Treatments

Hair Loss treatments have come a long way in recent years. FDA and Health Canada approved methods and devices are really the only ones that are reliable and worth investing in if you are looking for a treatment to regrow your hair, or slow down the hair loss. A hairloss treatment should also include detailed on-going analysis so you can truly guage your results. Our exclusive MHTP Program acheives just that. Please see "Treatments" for more details on how you can stop your hair loss in it's tracks.

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