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Freedom Hair Systems is the first Hair Replacement Company of its kind to offer the new HairDX Genetic Test for Hair Loss. This test can help determine your risk for hair loss before it is noticeable, by indicating if you have the genetic markers that determine your susceptibility to pattern hair loss. The test is effective for both men and women. A similar genetic test can also determine whether or not finasteride (Propecia®, Proscar®) will be an effective treatment option for you.

Combined with our microscopic exam and strand tests, you will be sure to know where you are headed, and which steps you need - or don't need - to take in order to preserve your hair. Please contact us for more details.


  - The HairDX Genetic Test predicts your risk for hair loss or thinning
- By the time hair loss or thinning is noticeable — almost 50% of your hair could be gone
- The only FDA approved treatments are best at preserving EXISTING hair — not re-growing lost hair
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